Year: 25 Week: 19


Episode: 3772

Scene: 18859

Ghulam goes to Purdil’s shop and says to him that Shah Wali wants to marry Nazanin soon but my wife, Sakina does not accept.

Purdil asks him to convince Sakina by force and ask Shah Wali to pay more money if he wants to marry soon.

Scene: 18860

Shekiba is in the clinic and the doctor prescribes her some medicines. Her brother, Samiullah asks the doctor about the result of the test.

The doctor says that Shekiba doesn’t have appendicitis.

 Scene: 18861

Mah Jabin is in the class. All students have notebooks in front of them on their tables except Omid and Zarghona. Mah Jabin asks Omid about his assignment. Omid says that he has not done it.

Scene: 18862

Lal Baz comes home and says to his father (Jan Baz) that Qambar Gul changed the place of selling scions.  Jan Baz becomes happy and says that Lal Baz would find a good market then.

Scene: 18863

Shekiba goes back home. Shukria is happy that Shekiba is better than before. Shekiba says that she is afraid of surgical operation because she might miss university entry exam.

Episode: 3773

Scene: 18864

Fateh Khan seems angry and during searching the cupboard, he finds a card and asks about it from his wife(Shukria).

Shukria says that it is Shekiba’s university entry exam card. Fateh Khan throws it away.

Scene: 18865

Ghafar asks Shah Wali if he has prepared the expenses of his wedding.

Shah Wali says that he would prepare the expenses according to the given list but he would never pay extra money to Ghulam.

Scene: 18866

Rahim comes home from school and seems tired. He says to his wife(Atifa) that he got a headache due to the noise of students in the school.

Atifa wishes that if the district education department hires new teachers.


Shekiba is in hurry and is searching something in her books. Shukria asks about her problem. Shekiba says that she has lost her university entry exam card.

Shukria says that she would find it for her.


Shah Wali goes to Ghulam’s house and asks him to get prepared for Nazanis's wedding.

Ghulam says that if he wants to marry soon, then he should pay him more money for wedding expenses. Shah Wali says that he is going to abroad and he would give up on this marriage.

Episode: 3774

Scene: 18869

Ghafar seems angry and says to Gul Makai,his wife that Shah wants to give up on Nazanin’s marriage.

Gul Makai says that Shah Wali has come from abroad and he is not aware of our custom. Ghafar says that he would tell him what the custom is.

Scene: 18870

Fatima says to Atifa that Omid and Zarghona do not attend school due to the lack of teachers.

Aftifa assures her that the problem would be solved very soon.

Scene: 18871

Ghotai is busy in counting money from selling scions. Shams, her son asks her to buy him new clothes for Eid.

Ghotai says that it is more time left to Eid. Shams asks her to buy him school bag then. Ghotai says that she would ask Lal Baz, her husband to buy a school bag.

Scene: 18872

Shekba is ready to leave for the center of the province to take part in university entry exam. Shekiba says that she is afraid if she fails in the exam.

Gul Khan’s wife, Nargis asks her not to worry about the exam.

Scene: 18873

Rahim goes to the village council and says to Mullah that if the issue of the lack of teacher continues, the school might face more problems.

Mullah promises that he would arrange the village education council session to discuss this issue.