decorative objects from the pieces of carpet

Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard


Carpet weaving is one of the oldest industries of Afghans but nowadays some people take advantage of old or torn carpets.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdullah Turkman, a resident of Kabul city who prepares purses and other decorative materials from the pieces of carpets and rugs.

Abdullah says: “As I could not read and write therefore I could not find any job in my hometown, Sheberghan capital city of jowzjan province. I started to sell decorative materials made from the pieces of carpets.  Then I came to Kabul and started work with one of my citizens.

They were selling carpets and also making decorative materials from the pieces of carpets.

One-day they got an urgent order to make some decorative materials from a carpet. They asked me too to help them and they gave me 50 Afghanis for making each piece. Then I started to sell them in different parts of Kabul city and my daily benefit was 500 Afghanis. Later I started my own work.

I make purses, decorative glasses and other decorative materials from the carpet. From a one-meter piece of carpet, I make three purses and six decorative glasses. I spend 200 Afghanis on each piece of the purse and then I sell it for 270 Afghanis.

my more customers are women and I also send the materials to the exhibitions".


Self-interest and Job for others:

Mir Abdul Shakir Aminpour, a resident of Kabul city has spent 200 thousand Afghanis on a handicraft company.

He says: “As one of my daughters has enough experience in handicrafts, I opened this company. We produce knitting children’s wear, soft footwear, gloves, socks, night lamps and others from fibers.

We produce raw materials from the local market.

We have found the job for 13 families. They take raw material from the company and after knitting, they return the orders and gets their benefit.

We get 20-25% benefit from our productions.