Year: 25 Week: 18

Episode: 3769

Scene: 18844

Shah Wali asks Gul Makai (Ghafar's wife) to arrange his wedding ceremony because a little time is left for his departure.

Gul Makai says that she would send Ghafar to Ghulam’s house to finalize the issue.

Scene: 18845

Omid (Jan Dad's son) is happy to remove the plaster cast from his broken hand. Jan Dad says that Rahim has promised that the issue of lack of the teacher would be solved soon. Jan Dad asks Omid to go to school from the next day.

Scene: 18846

It is midnight and Ms. Shekiba is complaining of nausea and stomach ache. Her mother(Shukria) blames her for eating Bolani (a special Afghani dish) and clover. Shukria says that she would wake up her son (Gul Khan) to take her to the clinic.

Scene: 18847

Qambar Gul asks Nazir that why he has poured curd juice to Lal Baz scions.

Nazir says that Lal Baz had already damaged him.

Scene: 18848

Ghulam has wrapped a tent around himself and crosses Purdil’s shop. Purdil asks him to pay his loan.

Ghulam gives him a little money and says that when Shah Wali pays him the wedding expenses, he would pay him the remains.

Episode: 3769

Scene: 18849

In the school, Mah Jabin complains to Mr. Rahim that the noises of the other class students interrupt her teaching. Rahim asks her to combine them with her classr till the solution of the problem of lack of teachers.

Scene: 18850

Lal Baz quarrels with Nazir and asks him that why he has poured curd juice to his scions.

Lal Baz says that he has heard from the people that curd juice has butter and its useful for scions.

Scene: 18851

GUlalai takes a sample of blood from Ms. Shekiba’s hand. Shekiba asks about it.

GUlalai says that she would send it to a laboratory in order to find out if she has appendicitis problem.

Scene: 18852

Mah Jabin asks the students of another class to take their chairs with themselves to her class. Zarghona says that there might not be enough space in that classroom for them.


Lal Baz takes Nazir to Sarwar Khan and complains that he(nazir) has poured curd juice to his (Lal Baz’s) scions and the scions got dried.

Sarwar Khan promises that he would punish Nazir.

Episode: 3771

Scene: 18854

Qambar Gul says to his father(Akbar) that Nazir had poured curd juice to Lal Baz’s scions. Akbar becomes happy because Qambar Gul is not involved in this case.

Scene: 18855

Ghafar goes to Ghulam’s house and wants him to get prepared for Nazanin’s wedding with Shah Wali.

Ghulam says that he would discuss this issue with his family.

Scene: 18856

Zarghona is doing homework but Omid is playing in the yard and says that they do not have a teacher to assign them any homework.

their mother(Fatima) worries about the future of her children.

Scene: 18857

Hamida asks Ms. Gulalai about Shekiba's sickness.

Gulalai says that her illness was due to eating raw clover.

Scene: 18858

Ghulam informs her wife(Sakina) from the coming of Ghafar to arrange Nazanin's wedding.

Sakina says that she would not allow him(Ghulam) to violate Nazanin’s rights.