New Classmates

Murad and Tabassum are the guests of Lalo Mama. Tabassum is upset and says to Murad that his father’s job is transferred to another province and she has to transfer herself to the school of that province too. She adds that it would be hard for her because she doesn’t know anyone there in the new school.

Lalo Mama comes and they greet him. Murad shares Tabasum’s problem with Lalo Mama and asks the Lalo Mama about the process of transfer from one school to another.

Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle and there in the corridor he says: “The transfer process has several steps:

contact the principal of the school to which you would like to be transferred.  The decision to accept you or not would be based on whether there is space available in the school or not.

If the principal at the new school agrees to accept you, the principal of your current school would complete a transfer form and would give you one copy of transfer copy to you and you should handle it to the new school's administration and the current would send two more copies to the new school by post office.”

Lalo Mama opens a window for their more information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle talks to some students about the problem of transferred students to new schools.

Ms. Hadia a student of Alae High school, Jalalabad, the capital city of Nangarhar province says: "I have studied 9 years in Altaqwa High school. when I was a 9-grade student, I transferred my school and did not have any friend in my new school. it was very hard for me and it took a time to find new friends.”

Another student, Ms. Khadija says that she had faced the same problem in the new school and no one was allowing her to take a seat beside her.

Tabassum wants to know more about finding friends in new school.

Lalo opens them another window.


In the window, a girl has transferred to a new school and she doesn’t know anyone in the new school. She is very sad because no one talks to her. One-day, one of her classmates, who was also transferred from another school, greets that girl. The girl shares her problems with her. The girl takes the newcomer girl for walking in the schoolyard during the break She introduces her administration office, library, cantina, washroom and other places in the school.

They both become friends and are sitting on one bench in the class. The girl is helping the new student in the school lessons too.

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Tabassum becomes happy and says that she would also find friends in the new school.