Sport Club in a Village of Afghanistan


Written by: Yama Rahi

there are many sports clubs in the cities of Afghanistan and provide facilities to the sports enthusiasts, but in the villages, these facilities are considered to be nothing.

Recently some people have taken benefit of this gap by starting sports clubs in the villages.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Mr. Abdul Qayum who has established a sports club in his village(Farza), Kabul province.

Abdul Qayum says: “at the beginning, we were going for exercise to another club 15 miles away from our village. One winter day we had a competition with another club's members. As there was heavy snowfall and no vehicle was found, we went by foot and it was very hard for us. 5 years back I established a sports club. I spent about 30-35 thousand Afghanis on this club.

 The club has about 100 members and each of them pays me 150 Afghanis fee monthly. I train boxing three times a day in the club.

Use of Solar Energy:

Mr. Wali Jan Shirzad is a resident of Pul-e-Charkhi, region 19, Kabul city is making solar water heaters.

Shirzad says: “I always had been hearing from radio and television that people take benefit of solar energy. I also tried and succeeded to make a solar water heater which cost me 70000 Afghanis but it had no customer.

Now I am producing the same water heater from glass, cotton and iron profiles. it costs me 15000 Afghanis and I takes 2000 Afghanis benefit.from each water heater. I could make one solar water heater daily.

This water heater has 230 liters water tank and could boil 100 liters water in an hour and it also could warm water up to 80 centigrades with weak sun rays in winter.