Year: 25 Week: 17


Episode: 3766

Scene: 18829

Mr. Akbar asks Mr. Gul Khan to solve the issue of lack of the teacher through the education committee of the village council. Gul Khan promises to try his best.

Scene: 18830

Mr. Fateh Khan is angry and says that he would never allow his daughter, Shekiba to study university in the capital city of the province.

Fateh Khan's wife, Shukria asks Fateh Khan not to stop Shekiba from studying if she passes the university entry exam. Fateh Khan does not accept.

Scene: 18831

Mr. Allah Dad and Mr. Qambar Gul are eating lunch in Allah Dad’s shop. Qambar Gul is laughing. Allah Dad asks the reason. Qambar Gul says that Allah Dad eats yogurt instead of meat stew. Allah Dad says that he was thinking about his past.

Scene: 18832

Mr. Shah Wali takes a bunch of fresh flowers with himself and wants to go to his fiance, Nazanin's house. Gul Makai asks him to take some fresh fruits instead of flowers. Shah Wali denies.


Scene: 18833

Gul Khan goes to school and asks Rahim to go with him to the village council to discuss the issue of the lack of the teachers. Rahim accepts.

Episode: 3767

Scene: 18834

Rahim, Mullah, Gul Khan, and Abida gather in the village council. Mullah asks Rahim how to solve the issue of lack of the teacher in the village school. Rahim says that he would send another letter to district education department to solve this problem.

Scene: 18835

Mr. Sarwar Khan says to Gul Khan that he stops her sister, Hamida from the biometric process and asks Gul Khan too to stop Hamida, Gul Khan’s sister from going to the province capital city for higher education.

Gul Khan denies and says that there is no difference between boys and girls education and he asks Sarwar Khan to allow Hamida to take part in the university entry exam.


Mr. Janbaz( Lal Baz’s father) says to Akbar( Qambar Gul’s father) that Qambar Gul has poured curd juice to Lal Baz's scions.

Akbar says that if it was true, he would punish Qambar Gul.

Scene: 18837

Ms. Zarmina and Ms. Rabia Gul are collecting vegetable from a field. Zarmina asks Rabia Gul about the long hair boy walking on the field.

Zarmina says that he is Allah Dad (Rahim Dad’s son).

Scene: 18837

Shah Wali visits Adam Khan on his way to home. Adam Khan asks about the bunch of flowers that Shah Wali has with him. Shah Wali says that he wanted to present it to Nazanin but he could not find her house.

Adam Khan says that giving flowers to girls is not appropriate in the village.

Episode: 3768

Scene: 18839

Mr. Pur Dil visits Ghulam in the bazaar and asks him to pay his loan as soon as possible.

Ghulam promises to pay it soon. Pur Dil quarrels with him and takes Ghulam shopping bag and says that whenever Ghulam gives his loan, he would give him his shopping bag.

Scene: 18840

Gul Khan gives guidebooks of university entry exam to Shekiba and wants her to study them carefully.

Shekiba becomes happy and thanks Gul Khan.

Scene: 18841

Rahim goes to Mr. Jan Dad tailoring shop and asks about Omid’s health. Jan Dad says that he is better. Rahim asks him to send Omid and Zarghona (Omid’s sister) to school. Jan Dad accept.

Scene: 18842

Ms. Sakina invites Ms. Rabia Gul, Ma. Gul Makai and some other relatives of Ghafar. Rabia Gul asks about Nazanin. Sakina says that she is sad for stopping her from going to school. Rabia Gul says that Shah Wali would send soon her to abroad. Sakina says that Nazanin is a small girl and she is eager to continue her school.

Scene: 18843

Akbar Asks Qambar Gul that why he has poured curd juice to Lal Baz scions.

Qambar Gul says if someone proves that he has poured curd juice to Lal Baz’s scions, he would pay for Lal Baz’s damage.