The Production of Soy Milk in Afghanistan

Written by: Yama Rahi

Soybeans are cultivated in more than 20 provinces of Afghanistan and farmers are experiencing a new step in Afghan agriculture. Some people make milk, cheese, and cookies from soybeans and offer them to the market.

AEPO ‘s writer/producer has talked to Mr. Abdullah Fazli, a resident of Kabul city who produces soy milk.

Abdullah Fazli says: “at the beginning, we imported soy milk from abroad to test the market. As it had a good market, then we established a company of soy milk inside the country about two years back and we officially started to produce soy milk three months ago. We imported different types of machinery which processes and packages our products and we produce soy milk in four different flavors.

We collect soybeans from the farmers of Sholgara district of Balkh province.

Our customers are wholesalers and the owners of supermarkets and in the near future, our products will be available in Nangarhar, Laghman, Nooristan, Paktia, Logar and Paktika provinces too.


revamping of the cars:

Mr. Bashir, a resident of Kabul city has a company of revamping of the cars of any kind of cars.

Mr. Bashir says: "at the beginning, I revamped of the cars my own car and when people saw and liked it, then I started to revamp other cars as well to get some income.

As there is no instructor in Afghanistan to learn this skill from, I started to learn it from a foreign tv channels and from YouTube in 2005 and I started my practical work about four years back. I revamp cars according to the order of customers for instance if a customer has a Canadian Corolla and he wants to revamp it as the American car, I deform it as his/her wishes.

We take 7000-8000 Afghanis benefit from the revamping of the cars of each car and our monthly income reaches to 30000-40000 Afghanis.