Year: 25 Week: 16

Episode: 3763

Scene: 18814

Nazir has a bottle of curd juice and seems hasty. Samandar asks him if he becomes so poor to drink curd juice.

Nazir says that he wants to solve his belly fat with it.

Scene: 18815

Shekiba comes back from the provincial capital. Her mother(shukria) is happy that Shekiba passed the biometric process and asks about Shekiba’s uncle (shir Muhammad) and his family who lives in the provincial capital.

Shekiba says that they were fine and gives her mother a gift that Shir Muhammad’s wife has sent to her.

Scene: 18816

Jan Dad complains of the lack of teachers in the school which causes the students to play in the class. He says to Mr. Samar Gul that his son’s (Omid) hand cracked in the classroom during playing and the physician cast his hand with plaster.

Samar Gul wishes his soon recovery.

Scene: 18817

Sakina says to her husband, Ghulam that she allowed her daughter (Nazanin) to go to school.

Ghulam becomes angry, slaps on Sakina face and warns her that she doesn't have the right to allow Nazanin to school.

Scene: 18818

Qambar Gul is sad and says to his mother, Zarmina that his scions are not sold well because other people also sell scions.

His mother asks him to be patient and assures him that the scions would be sold.

Episode: 3664

Scene: 18819

Lalbaz finds an empty bottle of curd juice near the plastic bags of scions. He says to his son, Shams that Qambar Gul might have poured the curd juice to his scions in order to dry the scions.

Scene: 18820

Nargis, Gul Khan’s wife asks about the biometric process of Shekiba.

Shekiba says that they captured her fingers print and retinal scan.

Scene: 18821

Fatima stops her daughter, Zarghona from going to school and says that her hand or foot might break like Omid’s hand.

Zarghona says that if she does not go to school, she might miss the lessons of the available teachers.

Scene: 18822

Allah Dad sees  Samiullah with his sister, Shekiba in the district bazaar. Allah Dad worries that Shekiba might be sick.

Nasim assures him that Shekiba is fine and she had gone to the provincial capital for the biometric process for university entry exam.

Scene: 18823

Sakina visits Shah Wali in Ghafar’s house and says that Ghulam beat her and she blames Shah Wali for that. She asks Shah Wali that why he stopped Nazanin from school.

Shah Wali says that he would take soon Nazanin with him to abroad.

Episode: 3665

Scene: 18824

Abida visits Sakina and asks her that why she engaged Nazanin with an aged man.

Sakina says that she was against this engagement but Ghulam engaged Nazanin with Shah Wali.


Fatima says to her husband, Akbar that she stopped Omid and Zarghona from going to school.

Akbar says that it is not the solution and adds that The school administration should solve the problem of lack of teachers.

Scene: 18826

Lalbaz informs his father, Jan baz that Qambar Gul has poured curd juice to his scions to dry the scions.

Jan Baz becomes angry and says that he would take the issue seriously.

Scene: 18827

Shekiba says to Hamida that if she had also gone with her for the biometric process. Hamida seems sad and says that her brother, Sarwar Khan did not allow her.

Scene:  18828

Jan Dad says to his father-in-law, Akbar that he would not let her children, Omid and Zarghona to go to school anymore.

Akbar says that the school administration should solve the problem of the lack of teachers in the school.