Young Mullah Imam

 Written by: Mohammad Anwar Andar

Taib and Shafiqa are the guests of Lalo Mama in the castle. Lalo Mama asks Taib that why he was absent in the castle for so long.

Taib says that he has enrolled himself in a Madrasa and he would finish it in near days.

Shafiqa is sad and said that she could not continue her study. Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle.

There in the corridor, Lalo Mama asks that why Shafiqa has left the school.

Shafiqa says that she studied a few classes but her father did not allow her to continue the school.

Lalo Mama says that if someone doesn’t study school, he/she might face some problems in the future and then he opens a window for their information about this issue.


In the window, the reporter of the castle asks some youths about the importance of education.

A boy from Farza district of Kabul province says:  we have a big village but the residences do not allow their daughters to school and we are facing many problems. We do not have at least one lady doctor in the whole village for women treatment.

Bibi Maryam, a resident of Shakardara district of Kabul province says: my family doesn’t let me go to school. One day our digital telephone was damaged and needed to be repaired. my brother asked me about the bill of it. As I could not read and write, I had dropped it in a garbage and my brother could not repair the telephone without its bill.

Lalo Mama closes the window.Taib promises to convince his father to allow Shafiqa to continue her school.