Ograee(installment) in Afghanistan

 written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

Ograee (installment) is a transaction or a business deal among traders, especially among wholesalers and retailers. The wholesalers give goods to the retailers on the base of installments and the retailers have to pay money to the wholesalers at the end of the week.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Abo Obaid Faheem, a shoe wholesaler in Kabul city.

Faheem says:

As most retailers do not have the cash to buy goods, therefore we give them goods in installments and they would pay us the money at the end of each week. The installment has special conditions. One of the shopkeepers in the market should guarantee that the retailer would pay the money on time if he/she does not pay the installment, the guarantor has to pay.

The installment is useful for both sides, wholesaler, and retailer. The wholesaler would sell his goods on time and the retailer would get benefit from the goods selling.

A Small Restaurant:

Humaira is a teacher in one of the Kabul city schools. She says: at the beginning, I with two other teachers opened a small shop. We were baking cookies, cake, Ashak and Manto at home and sell them in the shop. Later I left the shop and started to cook Boolani(a special Afghani bread bakes from potatoes and leek) at home and I was selling them on a roadside.

Later when our customers increased and they asked for varieties of foods, I and my husband borrowed 200 thousand Afghanis from our friends and opened a small restaurant.

We prepare different varieties of foods according to the order of our customers.

Our economic situation is better than before and our customers are increasing day by day.