The Effects of emotional abuse of children at the schools of Afghanistan


  Written by: Mohammad Arif Rahimi

The rules of the ministry of education of Afghanistan has banned on humiliating and insulting of children at schools but still, some teachers insult school children and due to this issue, the children might face some psychological problems.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some students, their parents, some teachers and a psychiatrist about this issue in Kabul city and Kabul and Wardak provinces.

Shah Agha, a 6th-grade student says: My mathematics teacher always insults me and says me that it is better for me to be a shepherd instead of a student. When I go home, I cry and I afraid while I am sleeping.

Najibullah, a resident of Kabul province says: my three children are students. One-day in the morning I woke up my third son and asked him to go to school but he cried and said that the teacher humiliates him in the class and now he is facing psychological illness.

Doctor Nik Mohammad Wahidi, a psychiatrist in Zhwandoon private hospital, Kabul city says:

The students humiliating by teachers face different varieties of psychological problems. Children Humiliating causes them sadness; losing interest to the lessons; reducing the enthusiasm to the school and also causes the students to lose their talent and gradually suffer from psychiatric illness.

How some people have solved these problems?

Haqmal, a resident of Wardak province says:

When I was a 7th and 8th-grade student, some teachers were insulting me and I was suffering from the situation. I shared the issue with my father. He went to school and talked to the school administration and some teachers. Then the teachers talked to me and they solved the problem and now I am continuing my school without any fear.

Wahida Suhail, the principal of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan Highschool in Ahmad Shah Baba mena, Kabul city says:

When I was a teacher in this school, another teacher was humiliating a student because the student was not paying attention to his cleanliness. When I asked the reason, the student was an orphan and had no parents. I changed the student to my class and I was helping him with his lesson. He succeeded in the second position. And when I became the principal of the school, I continuously check all classes and ask the students about their problems and try to find solutions to them.