Year: 25 Week: 15


Episode: 3760

Scene: 18799

Qumbar Gul puts some scions (detached parts of flowers) wrapped in plastic bags in front of Lal Baz’s shop. Lal Baz asks him to move them aside because it is an obstacle and no one enters his shop, but Qambar Gul denies.

Scene: 18800

Rahim and Mah Jabin (teachers) are in the school administration. Mah Jabin worries about the lack of teachers in the school and says that this issue would have a bad effect on student’s education. Rahim says that they have shared the issue with the provincial education department.

Scene: 18801

Shukria (Shekiba’s mother) says to Nargis (Gul Khan’s wife) that she is afraid that if the biometric process of Shekiba takes longer time in the provincial capital, she might miss the university entry exam.

Nargis assures that this will be done soon.

Scene: 18802

Gul Makai, (Ghafar’ wife) goes to Ghulam’s house and says to Sakina (Ghulam’s wife) that Shah Wali does not allowNazanin (his fiancé) to go to school anymore.

Sakina condemns Shah Wali’s decision.

Scene: 18803

Rahim is talking with Omid and Zarghona (Jan Dad’s children) in the school administration.

Omid is crying and says that one of his classmates pushed him and hurt his hand.

Rahim allows him to go home.

Episode: 3761

Scene: 18804

Omid complains from his hand and worries that it might be broken. Jan Dad says that he would take him to the clinic next day.

Scene: 18805

Gul Makai asks Shah Wali to stop Nazanin from going to school worrying that if she becomes educated she will know her rights and this might be a headache for him in the future.

Shah Wali appreciates her opinion.

Scene: 18806

Hamida asks her brother, Sarwar Khan that why he did not allow her for biometric. Sarwar Khan says that as she is a young girl, the villagers would mock him.

Scene: 18807

Lal Baz says to Ghotai(his wife) that Qambar Gul creates problems to his business. Ghotai asks him to solve the problems with patience.

Scene: 18808

Ghulam says to her daughter, Nazanin that Shah Wali asked him to stop her from going to school.

Nazanin asks him to let her go to school because no one has the right to stop women and girls from continuing their education.



Nazanin complains to her mother, Sakina that her father stops her from going to school. Sakina says that she could go to school now and she would talk about this issue with Ghulam later.

Delbaro (Adam Khan’s wife) is in hurry to take water home. Nargis asks the reason. Delbaro says that Shekiba has gone to provincial capital and she has to do home chores.

Scene: 18811

Jandad takes Omid to the clinic and the doctor takes his hand’s X-Ray. Jan Dad asks if Omid’s hand is broken. The doctor says that it has been fractured and will heal with a plaster cast.

Scene: 18812

Delbaro is washing dishes. Ghotai wishes that if Delbaro had a daughter to help her. Delbaro says that it's better not to have a daughter because today's girls are very ambitious.

Scene: 18813

Nasim wants to buy some flowers scions from Lal Baz but Nazir forces him to buy from Qambar Gul.