Public Park

Written by: Aqsa Sediqi


Habibullah Zazai, a resident of Kabul city has built a park in Ahmad Shah Baba mena, Kabul city.

He says: "When I saw that the population of Kabul city is increasing day by day and the residents of the area do not have any recreation park nearby, I decided to build a park three year before.

We have imported playing machinery from Iran, China, and Europe. the machinery is installed by the producing company with a warranty.

We have 20 kinds of playing equipment as game zoon, motorbike circus for children and other.

Our more customers come to the park on weekend days and holidays. The number of our customers varies on different days. Some days the number reaches up to 20 thousand people.

On Mondays, the park is special for women.


The Positive Role of Profession on Economic Activities in Afghanistan:

Profession and experience have an important role in the development of economic activities.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Engineer Mohammad Qasim Yusufy, the director of ‌an industrial factory in Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province.

Yusufy says: I have a master degree in the industrial field and I have 22 years experiences in this field. I have opened a factory of producing cotton, cotton seeds, cotton cake for livestock feed, cooking oil and laundry soap.

At the beginning, we studied the market to find out the needs of people. in the second step, we selected a machinery which would have better performance in Afghanistan. Then we checked our competitors that which raw materials they use in their products. After that, we made our ten years working plan to produce four items in the same time and we also made our exit strategy, it means if any of these four products do not have a market, the remainders might have a good market and we might not face any damage.

All raw materials we use in our products are found in Afghanistan.

We produce cooking oil from cotton seeds and soap from cattle fat.