Year: 25 Week: 14

Scene: 18784

Karim is busy in cleaning his shop. Purdil enters the shop and seems worried. Karim asks the reason. Purdil says that Ghafar did not give him the money which he had promised to give him after the engagement of Shah Wali with Nazanin.

Scene: 18785

Shukria is busy with house chores. Fateh Khan asks her to send Samiullah to the province with his daughter, Shekiba university entering exam.

Scene: 18786

Sarwar Khan visits Lalbaz and says that he would send Nazer for taking some scions of Mursal(variety of rose).

Lalbaz asks him not to send Nazer because he is a bothersome man and he, Lalbaz would bring the scions himself.

Scene: 18787

Omid comes home from school. Her mother, Fatima asks him that why his shirt and collar are torn. Omid says that as they do not have a teacher, he played with his classmates in the class.

Scene: 18788

Shekiba talks with Gulalai on the phone and asks her to send Hameeda to go with her to the province for university entering exam. Gulalai says that Sarwar Khan does not allow her to continue her study.

Scene: 18789

Fateh Khan asks Sarwar Khan if he would allow her sister, Hameeda for university entering exam. Sarwar Khan replies that he would never allow her.

Scene: 18790

Lalbaz asks Ghotai that why she seems sad after returning from Shah Wali’s engagement.

Ghatai says that the groom is too old for Nazanin.

Scene: 18791

Zarghona says to her father, Jandaad that she does not have the teacher in the class yet.

Jandaad becomes angry and says that it is useless for her to go to school.

Scene: 18792

Lalbaz takes some Mursal scions to Sarwar Khan’s house. Nazer says to him that all scions are dried and asks him to take them back.

Scene: 18793

Ghafar seems angry. His wife, Gulmakai asks him the reason. Ghafar says that her uncle, Shah Wali ashamed him to the people.

Scene: 18794

Nazanin is crying. Her mother, Sakina asks the reason. Nazanin says that her girlfriends are mocking her for her engagement with an old man.

Sakina asks her not to pay attention to their mocks.

Scene: 18795

Lalabaz comes home and gives an amount of money to her wife, Ghotai.

Ghotai asks about the money. Lalbaz says that he sold some scions of flowers but Janbaz does not believe that the scions would have such benefits.

Scene: 8796

Students are playing in the class and they have broken a chair too.

Rahim comes to the class and asks them to be quiet.

Zarghona says that Omid is a very naughty boy. Rahim asks the reason. Omid says that they do not mathematics teacher yet.

Scene: 18797

Hamida is sad. Shah Perai asks the reason. Hamida says that Sarwar Khan did not allow her to take university entering exam.

Scene: 18798

Qambargul is removing the scions of flowers from the ground for selling but he is afraid of loss. Nazer comes and encourages him that he would create problems for Lalbaz in selling his scions.