Angoli and Belisti


 received with thanks from Jahan Bakht Mehdi a resident of  Bamian province

Once upon a time, there were two rabbits living together in a jungle. one-day they went out of their house to find some carrots.

Belisti saw a field of carrots and they went there. The carrots were very sweet. They ate plenty of them and took some carrots with themselves.

A wolf saw them and chased them. Angoli succeeded to reach home but Belisti did not.

Angoli was very sad for Belisti and was crying. Meanwhile, Angoli heard a voice of screaming of a rat. She went out of her house and saw that the rat’s tail was under a big stone and it was near to be cut.

Angoli rescued her and the rat thanked and asked her about her sadness. Angoli told her the whole story. The rat said that the carrots field belongs to the wolf and when any rabbit goes to the field, the wolf captures (hunts) it.

Angoli cried loudly and said that the wolf might have eaten Belisti. The rat said that the wolf would have a party in these days and she keeps her hunts for her guests.

The rat said that she would rescue Belisti. The rat dug the ground and make a tunnel to wolf’s house. When the rat entered the wolf’s house, Belisti saw her and she shouted. The rat said to her not to be afraid because she wants to rescue her.

the wolf heard the voice of Belisti and asked her that what was happening. Belisti said that nothing. The wolf said to Belisti to eat more carrots because next day would be a party and she would eat Belisti.

Belisti asked her to bring some lettuce instead of carrots to her to become fatter. Wolf went out of her house. Belisti escaped the way that the rat had dug and reached to her house.

Angoli became very happy and thanked the rat to help her. The rat said: you helped me and I helped you, there is no need to thank each other.