New Fashion Designing

Written by: Yama Rahi

in addition to funds and business plan, the consideration of some other points could also improve the quality of products. Some people get the benefit of their education and experiences in economic activities.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Somaya Saqib, who has studied fashion designing and now she has opened a company.

Somaya says: I have learned fashion designing in India and when I came back to Afghanistan, I opened a company of fashion designing.

the main cause of opening the company is to present homemade dress alongside foreign dresses with a new design to the market. We produce dresses for children, youths, women, and men. I have learned that which color and which cloth is suitable for girls, women, men and so on.

I have also learned how to sketch the dress as it was not available before in Afghanistan. We show different varieties of sketches to our customers and they select among them and then we produce dresses according to the order.

One-year Home Services:

Essa Yusufi, a resident of Kabul city has opened a company of one-year home services.

Yusufi says:

I and one of my friend have opened a home care services company. We offer our services for the citizens in painting rooms, plumbing, electric services and cleaning houses.

We get 10000 Afghanis per year and we paint two rooms in a house twice a year. If a homeowner wants to paint more than two rooms, he/she should pay for the extra room/rooms otherwise, there would be no extra charges. We clean each house once a month and other services would be done according to the need of our customers.

We started our work from the center of the city and we have made a plan to extend our services to the other parts of the city too.