Year: 25 Week: 13


Scene # 18770

the engagement ceremony of Nazanin and Shah wali is holding in Ghulam's house. Ghafar, Purdil, Shah Wali and some others are eating pastry and drinking tea.

Ghafar asks Ghulam that why they are gathered here in Ghulam’s house.

Ghulam says that he engages her daughter to Shah Wali.

Pudil complains that why his name is not mentioned because he is also the father-in-law of Shah Wali .Ghafar says that Shah Wali would prepare a gift for Purdil too.

Scene #18771

The problem of school books is not solved yet. Ghotai says to Zarmina that Shams has not gotten school books yet and wants her grandfather, Janbaz to buy the books to him from the bazaar.

Zarmina says that her daughter, Palwasha got her books after arguing with bookkeeper and adds that the bookkeeper had asked for the mobile top up card to distribute the books for her.

Ghotai says that she has also heard that the school books are sold in the bazaar. Zarmina says that it’s the right of the students to get books free.

Ghotai says that Janbaz, her father-in-law has shared the issue with the office of the school and they might find a solution to this problem.


Scene# 18772

While the women carry the engagement tray to Ghafar’s house, Gulmakai asks Atifa to sing a song with other women.

Scene # 18775

Nazanin is crying and says that she doesn’t want to marry Shah Wali. Sakina invites her to calm down. Ghulam comes and shows a bundle of Afghani notes and says that this money would build their life. Sakina rejects and says that this money would destroy their life.

Scene # 18777

 Fatima sees that Mahjabin is laughing with herself and asks her if she becomes mad. Mahjabin says that her husband, Nazer had burnt his mustachio and he brought a goat’s tail and wanted to make mustachio for himself.

Fatima praises Mahjabin’s patience. Mahjabin says that Nazer is a simple man and he keeps people happy.

Scene # 18778

Lalbaz visits Rahim along the way to his home and asks him about the books issue.

Rahim says that some members of the village council went to the provincial education department and they found out that books were sent to all schools but some people had sold them in the bazaar.

Lalbaz asks if the fraud people are arrested or not. Rahim says that they are arrested and the education department would send some books again to the school again.


‘Scene # 18781

Nazer has covered his face with a kerchief and has put on a pair of black eyeglasses and entered to the kitchen of his home.

Mahjabin is afraid of him and asks the reason. Nazer says that he has to hide himself from his enemies. Mahjabin warns him that if Nazer continues mocking himself, she would complain to Sarwar Khan.

Scene # 18783

Ghafar goes to Purdil’s shop and gives him an amount of money as a gift. Purdil counts it and throws it back to Ghafar and says that he would not take a small amount of money.