Monkeys’ Physician:

 Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there were some monkeys living in a jungle. among them, two monkeys, Sindo and Jumbo were neighbors. There was no physician in the jungle to treat monkeys and every day 4-5 monkeys were dying.

 one-day son of the king of Monkeys became ill and he asked a physician(monkey) from another jungle and she treated his son.

 The king collected some monkeys and ordered to learn the way of treatment from the physician. Sindo and Jumbo(monkeys) became very glad to learn treatment.

The doctor brought some yellow herbs and ground them. she said that from this herb, could be prepared medicine for fever. Sindo said that she learned how to make medicine for fever.

Jumbo asked about the two more herbs beside the physician. The physician said that an ointment for wound could be made from them. Jumbo practiced and made the ointment. the physician appreciated her activity and said that one-day she would become a physician of this jungle.

When Sindo heard this, she said to herself that she would never allow jumbo to become a doctor.

In the exam, Jumbo got the highest grade and the physician announced her as the physician of the jungle.

One day Sindo saw that Jumbo was making some medicines. Jumbo said that the king has a headache and wanted some medicines. Sindo Showed herself sad and told to Jumbo that her son has fallen down from a tree and hurt his leg.

Jumbo said that first, she would cure her son’s leg then she would go to the castle. While they reach to a pit, Jumbo pushed her and she fell down into it.

 Sindo became happy and went to the king. She said to the king that Jumbo was mixing poison in your medicine and captured her. The king ordered to bring Jumbo to her. Sindo said that Jumbo would no longer come here.

Meanwhile, some other monkeys brought Jumbo to the king. The king wrote a letter to her minister and gave it to Jumbo.

When Sindo was on the way to her home, she saw Jumbo. Jumbo said the king has given her a letter to give it the minister.

Sindo thought that the minister might appreciate Jumbo. she grabbed the letter from her hand and took it to the minister. The minister arrested Sindo and said that the king has written that carrier of this letter is a conspirator and she should be kept in jail forever.

Sindo was regretful and said that this is the result of the plot she was making against Jumbo.