Year: 25 Week: 12

Students Problems:

Along the way to home, Rahim visits Lalbaz. Lalabaz asks him that why he seems upset. Rahim says that he served a long time for his people as a teacher but some villagers condemn him for being fraud in the school. Janbaz asks the reason. Rahim says that the books for higher classes are reached to the school yet but Janbaz thinks that the school staffs have sold them in the bazaar.

Lalbaz blames his Father, Janbaz and appreciates Rahim's services.

Lalbaz says to Ghotai, his wife that he wants to go to school because Rahim has asked some villagers to talk about the lack of school books.

Ghotai says that Janbaz went several times to school but there was no book in the school.

Lalbaz says that Rahim is upset that Janbaz accuses him of selling the school’s books in the bazaar.

Abida, Gul Khan, Lalbaz and some other villagers gather in the school office to talk about the lack of school books.

Rahim suggests sending a delegation to the provincial department of education to share the issue with them.

Child Marriage

Ghafar is carrying a chocolate tray and playing tambourine. When he enters his home, his wife, Gulmakai asks about his happiness.

Ghafar says that Ghulam Khan gave him full rights to Nazanin’s engagement.

Shah Wali becomes happy. Ghafar wants him to buy a gold ring for Nazanin.

Gulmakai goes to Ghulam Khan’s house and asks Nazanin to go to the market with Shah Wali to buy a gold ring for her.

Nazanin doesn’t want to go with him. Sakina says that it would be better to take her finger size.

Gulmakai seems uncomfortable and says to Ghafar that Abida doesn’t want to take part in the engagement ceremony. Ghafar asks the reason. Gul Makai says that Abida thinks that it would be a sin to engage a small girl with an old man. Ghafar asks Gulmakai to leave Abida’s story and get ready for the ceremony.