A Polka Dots Lamb


Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was a polka dots lamb living alone in a jungle. one-day she got tired of loneliness and moved to another jungle. She saw a flock of lambs and became happy. She went near and wanted to play with them but a piebald lamb asked the others to run away. All lambs ran away. A black lamb did not go and asked the others to stop but they did not accept.

The Black welcomed Polka Dots and asked her that why did she come to this jungle? Polka Dots told the whole story to her.

The Black built a house for Polka Dots and told to her that next day there would be a party of White lamb and wanted Polka Dots to share the party.

When they went to the party, the same story repeated and all lambs ran away. Polka Dots became sad, went back to her home and locked the door and started to cry.

Black went to Polka Dots’ house and asked the reason for her crying. Polka Dots said that all lambs were mocking her. Black told to her that if she takes care of her cleanliness, all would love her.

Polka Dot took a shower and went to the pasture with the Black. When other lambs saw Polka Dots, they were astonished and asked about her from the Black. The Black said that she is the same Polka Dots lamb. The Polka Dots lamb ‌asked apology from White for disturbing her party last day and thanked Black for helping her.

The White welcomed her on behalf of others and all lambs came to play with Polka Dots.