The Use of Modern Machinery in Afghanistan

 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Afghanistan is one of the countries where production and industry take place in a primitive way but in recent years, some people have brought changes in their economy works.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Haji Naim, who has peanut’s frying plant in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province.

Haji Naim says:

At the beginning, we were frying peanuts in a big frying pan on woods fireplace and at that time we had 3 workers(employees?) and we were frying about 20-25 sacks peanuts daily. When I saw a machinery of frying peanuts in one of our neighboring countries, I also bought a machine for this purpose. I have hired about 20 persons for proceeding this job. Now we could fry about 60-80 sacks of peanuts daily. We take 50 Afghanis per each 7 kilograms peanuts frying.

Family Cinema:

Ahmad Sakhra, a resident of Kabul city has paid attention to some new points in work for increasing his income.

He says: At the beginning, I surveyed many restaurants in Kabul city and talked to some people about opening a family cinema in one the restaurants. Many people had a positive point of view. I opened a family cinema in March 2016 in order to re-organize our old culture. We show films in accordance with our cultural and social standards.

My father is an engineer and he made the soundproof system of the cinema. All of our customers are females and families and the responsibility of the cinema belongs to my wife and we have hired 5 women.

Usually, we have 5 times show. The show time begins at 9 am and the last show would be at 7 pm. The price of each ticket is 300 Afghanis. About 70 people could visit a film at a time and about 18000 customers are registered with us and when we show a new film, they would immediately come and watch it.