Year: 25 Week: 11


Students’ Problems

Shams is playing in the home yard. His grandfather, Janbaz blames him for not studying his lessons. Shams says that he has not gotten his school books yet.

Janbaz says that he and Sayed Mohammad would soon eradicate the fraud from the school.

Sayed Mohammad goes to the village council and says to Mullah that Rahim and school’s other staffs are involved in fraud. Mullah asks the reason. Sayed Mohammad says that they sell the school’s books in the market.

Mullah says that without any evidence, no one could be convicted.

Aqila is studying her lessons. Rahim asks her if she has gotten her school books. Aqila says that all student in her school has received books. Rahim says that then why some parents complain about the school administration. Aqila says that the high classes books might not have reached to schools yet. Rahim says that he would investigate this issue.

Child Marriage:

Ghafar gives a long list of the expenses of engagement and wedding to Shah Wali. Shah Wali counts it waste but Ghafar says that if Shah Wali wants to marry a young girl, he has to accept the list. Shah Wali says that she would accept the list for the happiness of Ghulam Khan and his wife.

Ghafar shares the issue of accepting the list with Ghulam Khan and asks him to fix the date for engagement.

Ghulam Khan gives his full rights to Ghafar regarding this issue. Ghafar says that he would talk with Gul Makai first and then he would share the issue with Ghulam Khan.


Allah Daad brings a piece of cloth for his father, Rahim Daad to prepare a suit for himself. Rahim Daad becomes happy and prays for Allah daad.

Rahim Daad gives that piece of cloth to Jan Daad and asks him to prepare him a suit. Jan Daad likes the cloth and asks him if he goes to an engagement or wedding ceremony. Rahim Daad says that Allah Daad has presented it to him.

Jaan Daad says that Allah Daad is a hardworking boy and respects his father more. Rahim Daad wishes if all people think the same.