Last Year’s School Uniform

:  Written by: Asma Kakar

Ahmad and Shafiqa were brother and sister. They were living in a green village.

Mohammad Shah and Zarmeena were their friends and classmates. One-day they gathered in the village ground. The school days were near and they were talking about uniform and school necessities.

Zarmina and Mohammad Shah said that their parents have bought them new school bags and uniforms but Ahmad and Shafiqa were unhappy.

They asked their mother to buy them new uniform because they would be ashamed to put on last year’s uniform. Their mother convinced them that they are not so rich to buy new uniform every year but they would prepare them notebooks, pens, and school bags.

The school day arrived. Shafiqa put on their last year school uniform but Ahmad did not go to school.

When Shafiqa was on the way to school, she visited some school girls and she thought that the girls were looking to her uniform. She reached school. Zarmeena asked Shafiqa that why she has not put on her new uniform?

 Shafiqa said that she has new cloth for uniform but her mother said that her last year uniform is still new and she kept it for next year.

They entered the class. The teacher appreciated Shafiqa for keeping her uniform clean and asked other students to take care of their uniform too. Shafiqa became happy and decided to share the issue with his brother, Ahmad too.