Children Park


Written by: Yama Rahi

Some people are concerned about the needs of other people around them and so that they start economic activities.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to Sadiq Najafi Zada, a resident of Kabul who spent his money on a children park.

Najafi Zada says: At the beginning, I surveyed the area and found out that there is no park for children. As I had the experience in abroad, I decided to build a children park.

I spent about 7 million Afghanis in this park. I imported all equipment from China.

 In the park, we have a swimming pool for children, big balls that children could go inside them and boats for children.

We accept children in the park not younger than 12 years.

There are many schools and kindergartens where I have built the park. I have a plan to build more branches of the park in different parts of Kabul city.

Mobile Book Seller:

Reza Mehdi, a resident of Kabul city sells books backdoors.

He says A I saw that most people do not have enough time to buy or lend books from a bookstore or from a library, so I started books selling at backdoors.

I hired ten employees for this purpose and they carry books on motorbikes to the customer’s houses.

Our customers contact us with our mobile phone numbers which are written on social media pages and the price of each book is also written on our social media pages. We get 30 Afghanis fees per book for home delivery.

at the beginning, we were accepting short message services(SMS) and that were facing us many problems and now we only accept the calls. Our daily sell reaches about 30 books.