Low Vision in Children

  Written by: Mohammad Naser Sirat

The human eye is a vital organ of vision which gives us the sense of sight, allowing us to learn more about the surrounding world than we do with any of the other four senses but sometimes the eyes could be led to various health problems, especially in children.

Some parents do not allow their children to put on eyeglasses when they have eyes problems.

 The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some parents and an ophthalmologist about this problem.

Rashed, a resident of Parwan province says that his eyes have some problems and could not see the things around him clearly and when he goes somewhere after a few minutes walking, his eyes sight gets low and he has to take a rest.

A mother from Logar province says: The eyesight of my child is low and he could not read, write and walk well. The doctor advised him eyeglasses but we do not want to use them because people would mock us.

Naweed, a resident of Kapisa province also has the same problem. He says that the doctor has prescribed him some eye drops and a pair of eyeglasses, he used the drops but did put the eyeglasses and now he is suffering from eyesight more than before.

Why do some people not allow their children to use eyeglasses?

Samiullah says: my son eyesight is very low and he could not see well. The doctor advised him eyeglasses. When he puts on the eyeglasses, other children call him blind and also, we do not have the custom of wearing eyeglasses too.

Doctor Wali Nader, an ophthalmologist at Noor Eye Hospital, Kabul city says:

Poor eyesight in children has different causes and most low vision is treated by medication and using eyeglasses advised by the ophthalmologists. If children do not use the prescribed eyeglasses, their eyesight gets low and they might gradually lose the complete eyesight.

Some people have found the solution to this problem.

Bakhtullah, a student says: I have a low vision problem. My father took me to the doctor. The doctor prescribed me some medicines and a pair of eyeglasses. I took the medicine on time and I am using the eyeglasses regularly and now my eyesight is much better than before.

Doctor Wali Nader says: use of glasses for children over 5, has many advantages; it keeps the eyesight normal and doesn’t let the eyes to lose their sight completely. The eyeglasses prevent eyes from dust, direct sunlight and from the harms of computer’s and mobile’s phone’s screen’s rays.