Year: 25, Week: 10

Child Marriage

while coloring his hair, Shah Wali is listening to a song. Gulmakai asks the reason for his happiness. Shah Wali says that he is happy to go to his father-in-law's house.

Gulmakai asks him to take some fresh fruits with him but Shah Wali refuses and calls it nonsense. Gul Makai says that his gifts would help him in his engagement.

Shah Wali and Ghafar goes to Ghulam Khan house. Ghulam Khan welcomes them. Ghafar asks Ghulam Khan to fix a date for the engagement ceremony. Ghulam Khan says he would do that but first Shah Wali should accept what I want.

Ghulam Khan gives some fresh fruits to Sakina and asks her to wash them for eating. Sakina doesn’t take them and says that she doesn’t want to engage Nazanin to Shah Wali because he is too old.

Ghulam Khan says that after the engagement, they might become rich and would pay all their loans. Sakina strongly rejects the engagement. Ghulam Khan beats her.

Ghulam Khan goes to Ghafar’s shop and says that her wife is against the engagement and he beat her. Ghafar asks him to convince her by talking. Ghulam Khan says that if Shah Wali accepts his wants, he would accept the engagement. Ghafar says that Sakina might not accept again. Ghulam Khan says that he would kill her.


Shahperai is busy with Momina. Hamida asks about Momina’s health. Shahperai says that she is better now and adds that the doctor said that if a child is coughing, he/she might suffer from pneumonia and should be taken to the clinic.

Students Problems:

Shams seems sad and says to his grandfather, Janbaz that the school did not distribute hiړ books. Janbaz says that he might get books later in his turn but shams says that the storekeeper said him that there are no more books in the store. Shams wants Janbaz to buy books for him from the bazaar. Janbaz says that he would go to the school and would ask the school administration to prevent the fraud in the school.

 Janbaz goes to the school and says to Rahim that he would eradicate the fraud in the school. Rahim says that there is no fraud in his school and they have not received books for high classes yet.

Janbaz shares the issue with Sayed Mohammad. Sayed Mohammad confirms the fraud in the school and promises Janbaz to spread the school’s fraud news in the whole village.