Golden Fish

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, there was A fisherman living in a village near a pond. One-day the fisherman was happy and he was repeating with himself that he would catch more fish today because he has blocked the way on fish to escape.

He dropped the fishing net into the pond but there was no fish in the pond. He dropped the net again and this time he caught a golden fish and he gave it to his small son.

The son poured a little water into the jug and put the golden fish in it. The fish was very sad and said that he would die very soon.

The fisherman has a pigeon too. the pigeon asked the golden fish about his trouble. The golden fish said that she was not true to her friends and did not keep his promises. The pigeon asked her to tell the whole story. The golden fish said:

"A few days before, a gray fish told me that pond would be damaged very soon and she asked to help other fish to keep the pond from destruction because I was stronger than other fish. I promised but I did not go to help them. another day, the gray fish again asked me to help. I said her that I would come very soon but I did not go there to help them.

They all went to another pond and left me alone and now I would die in a few minutes."

The pigeon asked her to jump out of the jug and she would take her to a stream. the golden fish did what the pigeon said. The pigeon took her to the stream but the golden fish was very sad because there was no fish in the stream. After sometimes, the pigeon helped her to find her friends. The golden fish thanked the pigeon and promised that she would never break her trust again.