Burger Seller


: Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

mirwais Aria is the owner of a burger selling center in Kabul city.He says: At the beginning, I had a job but when I went to get my master degree from India, they cut my salary. After completing my study, I came back to the country. I had about 140 thousand Afghanis and I borrowed some money from my friends and I opened a burger shop about 15 months ago. Later on, I opened another burger shop with some differences. I hired an expert in burger making. I added a library for selling, studying and borrowing books and then I added another section to it for families to celebrate their children’s birthdays. Beside burger, I sell juices, cold drinks, sandwiches, and other edible items too. I am happy to hire 30 persons for the job and they get fixed salary.

Shopkeeper Girl   :

In most countries of the world, women work together with men to improve their family economy. One of these works is being a shopkeeper.

In Afghanistan, people think that being a shopkeeper is the job of men but in the recent decade, some females started work as a shopkeeper and they could get a benefit.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to a girl, Maryam who is a shopkeeper in on of the biggest stores in Kabul city.

Maryam says:

We had been living in a low economic condition because only my father had a job and he was not able to fulfill our all requirements.

When I finished my school, I wanted to continue my higher education, my father allowed me to take a job as a shopkeeper.

I sell beauty and cosmetic products in a shop. The price of each item is attached to the products and I only explain the quality of products to customers.

I go to university from 5 am to 8 am and then I go to my job from 9 am to 5 pm.

I get 12000 Afghanis monthly salary. I pay 6000 Afghanis to my family, I pay 2000 Afghani to a taxi and the remaining is used on my education.