Skipping the Medicines


  Written by: Mohammad Arif Rahimi

People face different diseases and physicians advise them some medicines. Some patients do not take their medicines on time and they might face some crucial problem accordingly.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and a physician about this issue.

Mahjabeen, a resident of Kunduz province says:

I had tuberculosis and the doctor advised me a kind of tablets but I skipped them for about two months. I was losing my weight day by day and my cough was increasing too. I came to Kabul and a doctor visited me, he said that I have MDR tuberculosis (Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis).

Sultan Bibi, a resident of Gardiz, center of Paktia province says:

I had been suffering from asthma. The doctor advised me medicines and I got better but I skipped medicines for a month and now I suffer more from asthma.

Doctor Enayatullah Suhail, an internist in one of the private hospitals in Kabul city says:

 If a patient does not take his/her medicines on time regularly, the medicines would not effect on his/her disease and the chronic disease would become the acute disease and the medication might take a long time and the patient might lose his/her life.

How to solve this problem?

Raisa, a resident of Pul-e-Khomri, the center of Baghlan province says: I had tuberculosis, the doctor advised medicines and I took them on time, even when I was going to a funeral ceremony, I had been taking the medicines with me and had not been skipping them. I am healthy now.

Doctor Suhail says:

Family members have the responsibility to help the patient to take his/her medicines on time. The parents should give the medicines to their children and their elders on time. The patient should take the medicines according to the prescription of the doctors