Year: 25, Week: 09


The issue of Allah Daad's engagement seems to be over. Adam Khan asks Rahim Daad about the result of Allah Daad's proposal to Shekiba. Rahim Daad says that Allah Daad refused the proposal.

Adam Khan has doubt on Fateh Khan that Allah Daad might be beaten by Fateh Khan persons and asks Rahim Daad to engage Allah Daad as soon as possible with someone else.

Allah Daad seems heartsick in his workshop. Naseem asks him about his discomfort and wants him to share his problem with him but Allah Daad doesn’t want.

on the hillside, Allah Daad is playing flute. Adam Khan also comes to the hillside and asks Allah Daad if he loves someone. Allah Daad refuses and stops flute playing and wants Adam Khan to leave him alone. Adam Khan says that Allah Daad hides his secret from himږ

Shekiba says to Nargis that Allah Daad wanted to tell her something but she rejected to talk.

Nargis asks if she also loves Allah Daad, she would help her. Shekiba says that she wants to complete her higher education first.

Child Marriage:

Shah Wali arrives in Ghafar’s house. Gul Makai greats and asks him about his suitcases.

Shah Wali says that he was in hurry and brought nothing with him.

Gul Makai says that Shah Wali’s pant, shirt, and cap are not suitable for the village. Ghafar says that Shah Wali would put on Ghafar’s clothes.

Ghafar takes Shah Wali to Jan Daad’s shop and asks him to prepare a pair of embroidery clothes for Shah Wali.



Momina’s health condition enters into a serious state. The doctor says to Karim that they have brought Momina late to the clinic.


Karim says that at the beginning Momina was suffering from cold and we gave some herbal medicines to her. The doctor says that herbal medicines are useful for cold but Momina suffers from pneumonia and pneumonia patient should be visited by a doctor.

Karim asks about the symptoms of pneumonia. The doctor says that at the beginning, the child affected by pneumonia has a cough and if not treated, his breathing increases.

Shukria visits Rabia Gul on the way to the clinic and says that Momina is in the clinic due to pneumonia.

Shukria asks Rabia Gul to pay attention to Momina’s health because Shahperai doesn’t have enough experience in child keeping.

The next day the doctor says to Shahperai that Momina is better now and asks her to take her daughter home. Shahperai becomes happy and thanks the doctor.

The doctor advises her to keep room’s temperature normal and leave open the window for a few minutes daily.