The penitent Fox


  Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was Black Bear living in a great forest, with her one cub. Besides the forest, there was a river too. Black Bear and her cub were always going to the river and her mother had been fishing and they were eating together at home.

A Fox and a wolf were also living among other animals in the same forest.

One-day fox and wolf became hungry but found nothing for eating in the forest. They saw that the Black Bear was carrying fish to her home. fox and wolf went to Bear’s house and asked something for eating.

Black Bear gave more fish to them and kept a little for her cub. The fox and wolf thanked her and went away.

Black Bear and her cub went to walk in the forest. When they came back, they saw the fox and wolf had come to their house and had eaten all the fish.

The cub got angry at them but the Black Bear said to the fox and wolf that whenever they need more foods, she would help them. Fox and wolf left Black Bear’s home.

The cub became angry and wanted her mother to bring him some foods. Black Bear took her toward the river to fish but the flood did not let them to catch any fish.

Black Bear saw a bees’ hive in an old tree and climbed to get some honey to her cub. Meanwhile, the branch of the tree broke and Black Bear fall down and broke his leg.

Her cub went to the forest and asked fox and wolf to help her mother to come home. They said that if the Black Bear was fishing, they would help her, but now they were not eager to go with the cub.

The Black Bear's cub shared the issue with a monkey. The monkey prepared some medicines from herbs and went with the cub.

The monkey put the medicine on Black Bear’s leg and helped her to come back to her home. The Black Bear became happy and thanked the monkey. After some days, Black Bear became well.

Another day, fox became sick and the forest’s doctor advised her to eat some fish fat.

The wolf and the fox were ashamed to go to Black Bear's house to ask for fish fat.

When Black Bear became aware of Fox's illness, she took some fish fat and went to her house. fox and wolf thanked the Black Bear and they became friends.