Early Marriage and Health Problems

 Written by: Waheeda Sabir

The information provided by Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan shows that since 2010, maternal mortality rates were at 327 for every 100,000 live births but in recent years’ survey shows 1200 loss per every 100,000-live birth and it varies for each province and the main cause is early marriage.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some people about this issue.

Malalai, a resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says:  I got married when I was 12. When I became pregnant, some people were frightening me that I am a small girl and I might give birth to a baby by surgery operation. My birth pains last for ten days and after my operation, I suffered from bleeding.

Raihana, a resident of Ghor province says that she got married when she was 13. She was afraid of delivery and she was always thinking about it. It caused mental problems to her and medicines do not have any effect on her health.

Sharifa was 13 when she got married. After one and half a year, she gave a birth to a baby and faced bladder perforation.

Doctor Muska Rahbeen Wardak, a gynecologist in Rabia Balkhi maternity hospital, Kabul city says:

Girls who are getting married at the early age, as they are not ready for making a family, they are afraid and are always crying; keeping away from the family members and lose their courage and at the result, they might face with psychological problems.

The parents should pay attention to the future of their daughters and should not allow marrying their daughter at early ages.