Year: 25 Week: 8


Child Marriage

What would be the result of Shah Wali’s engagement? Purdil asks Ghafar.

Ghafar says that his wife, Gul Makai had gone to Ghulam Khan’s house and Ghulam Khan wants to visit Shah Wali first.

Purdil worries that the engagement would not take place then but Ghafar ensures him that Shah Wali is going to come very soon.

Ghulam Khan looks happy and says to Sakina that when Shah Wali comes, he would pay a lot of money to them and they would pay their loan but Sakina worries about Nazanin’s future.

Adam Khan visits Ghafar at the bus station and asks him that why he is going to the province? Ghafar says that Shah Wali, his uncle-in-law is coming from abroad for his engagement with a small girl.

Adam Khan says that Shah Wali is the man of his age and this marriage is not proper for him. Ghafar says that Shah Wali still looks young.

Purdil says to Ghulam Khan that Shah Wali has arrived at the province and he would pay you a lot of money to pay your loan and make your life better.


Along the way to the village, Rahim Daad visits Samandar. Samandar asks about Allah Daad’s absence. Rahim Daad says that he had sent Allah Daad to the province but he has come back to the village. Samandar asks if they have found the people who have beaten Allah Daad. Rahim Daad replies no. Samandar asks him to take care of Allah Daad.

Near the girls' school, Allah Daad calls Shekiba to stop but Shekiba gets angry and asks him not to bother her anymore otherwise she would share the issue with her brothers.

Allah Daad seems very sad and says to Rahim Daad that he would never go to upper village anymore.

Rahim Daad appreciates Allah Daad’s decision.


It is the night. Momina is crying. Karim gets up and asks Shah Perai to feed Momina. Shah Perai says that Momina could not be fed. Karim becomes angry and changes the room.

In the morning, Gulalai comes to Karim’s house and sees that Momina is suffering from pneumonia. Shah Perai says that she would not be suffering from pneumonia because she doesn’t have a cough. Gulalai says that in the chronic state of pneumonia, children might not have a cough and asks Shah Perai to take Momina to the clinic.