The Proud Rouse

The Proud Rouse   Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there was a nice garden which had different varieties of flowers. Among them, there was a nice rose too.

One morning, the rose was laughing on the other flowers and was saying that it is nicer than other flowers. Jasmine asked the reason. The Rose called jasmine an ugly flower. Other flowers condemned the rose.

Meanwhile, two girls, Zarghona and Muska came to the garden. They praised the scent and color of all flowers. Zarghona mentions the beauty of the rose in a poem. She wanted to smell the rose but its thorns hurt her hand and she condemned the rose.

Muska also cursed the rose for having thorns beside itself. When the rose heard these words, it became disappointed and wanted to cry but the other flowers convinced it that the thorns are for its protection. The rose asked apology from other flowers and said that each one might have a default and we should not be proud.