Car Cassette Player Repairing

 Written by: Yama Rahi

most of the electronic appliances are computerized and the repairing of these appliances requires to be familiar with new technology.

Some Afghans have learned the new technic and get the benefit of it.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to Abid, a resident of Batikot District of Nangarhar province.

Abid says: At the beginning of my immigration to one of our neighboring countries, I was selling computer and CD players remote controllers but the benefit was not enough for the expenses of my family, then I learned how to repair new model car’s cd and cassette players.

I worked in a workshop of the cd and cassette players for two years. My employer taught me how to repair electronic tape recorders and cd players.

When I came back to Afghanistan, I opened my own workshop. I repair about 5-10 cd players or tape recorder and get 600-1000 Afghanis benefit daily.

Clothing Production Unit:

Huma is a resident of Kabul city and has opened clothing production unit. She says: our unit produces kids and children clothing in three fields: hook weaving, handicrafts, and sewing clothes.

We have about 170 employees. 50 of them are working here in the unit and 120 of them are preparing clothes in their own homes.

We hire women employees through the advertisement on our social media page and brochures. We select the well-experienced women after passing three days’ workshop inside the unit. After hiring them, we have short-term and long-term workshops. The short-term workshop which lasts three days, is for those who have enough experience in this field and the long-term workshop lasts three months and those employees take part in it who do not have enough experience in one of the mentioned fields. We train fifty employees in the long-term workshop and every five trainees are trained by one trainer. We spend about 25 thousand Afghanis on this workshop and get back the expenses from the sale of our products.

Our work is based on having professional staff and having professional staff causes to Improve the quality of products and increases our sales.