Year: 25 Week: 07

Child Wedding:

After coming from school, Nazanin is playing with other girls in the alley. His father, Ghulam Khan comes and scolds her for playing with small girls. He asks her to make tea for him and learn house chores with her mother because when she gets married and if she is not acquainted with house chores, her father-in-law’s family would mock on her.

Sakina is baking bread in the oven.Nazanin Cries and goes near and asks her to learn house chores to her because her father wants to marry her to someone.

Sakina says, you are still a child and I would not allow your father to engage you to anyone.

Ghulam Khan brings some old cookies and chocolates. He wants Sakina to get ready for Nazanin’s engagement ceremony.

Sakina says that Nazanin is still a child and she wants to continue her school. Ghulam Khan says that her engagement is better than her school because her husband would pay us a lot of money. Sakina rejects this engagement. Ghulam Khan beats her.

When Ghafar asks Gulmakai about the proposal, Gulmakai says that as Sakina rejected the proposal, Ghulam beat her. Ghafar asks about the result. Sakina says that Ghulam is decisive in his decision and wants to visit Shah Wali first.

Ghafar asks Gulmakai to call Shah Wali to come to the country.

Gulmakai says to Abida that her uncle, Shah Wali would be engaged very soon with a girl who lives in the district bazaar.  


Rahim Daad calls to Naseem and asks about Allah Daad. Naseem says that he saw Allah Daad in the bus stop yesterday and says that Allah Daad doesn’t want his father to engage him to any girl without Shekiba.

Rahim Daad asks Allah Daad to forget Shekiba because she is the daughter of a Khan and he is a poor barber. Allah Daad says that all humans are equal and I would never forget Shekiba.

When Karim goes to Allah Daad’s shop, he asks that why Allah Daad’s shop was closed for some days?

Allah Daad says that he had gone to the province. Karim asks him about the unknown people who had beaten Allah Daad. Allah Daad says that he doesn’t have any information about them yet.


The weather is cold. Momina is sneezing and coughing. Shahperai asks Karim if he has brought some medical herbs for Momina's treatment.

Karim says that he forgot and would bring them the next day. Shahpirai blames him for not paying attention to Momina’s health and says that she would ask Naseem to bring some herbs for medication. 

Aqila brings out Momina to the yard of the house. Rabia Gul asks her to bring her to the room because the weather is cold and she might suffer from pneumonia.

Shahperai says to Atifa that decoction didn’t affect on Momina’s health. Atifa says that why she didn’t visit a doctor yet.

Shahperai says that Rabia Gul advised her decoction. Atifa says if Momina doesn’t get better until tomorrow, you could ask Gulalai’s help.