Covering School Books

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Lailuma was a 5th -grade student and Suraya and Kamila were her classmates and friends. Lailuma was always passing all exams with good marks.

One-year, in result sheet’s distribution, Suraya and Kamila got their result sheets and they were happy for passing the exams. They did not see Lailuma. Kamila asked the teacher about Lailuma. The teacher said that Lailuma got her result sheet and went home.

Kamila and Suraya went to Lailuma’s house. They saw Lailuma was crying and said that she is failed in two subjects but she did not know the reason.

 Lailuma wanted to see the books, in which she was failed. When she opened the cupboard, she saw a big book and Lailuma afraid of it. The book asked her not to be afraid and said that it is a magic book and then the book took her to the magic books city and let her find her books. She saw that a book was crying and was saying that someone has torn it. Lailuma also became sad. A guard took her to the king of magic books city and she shared her issue of failing in the exam with the king. The king said that the cause of your failure is not studying enough but Lailuma said that she had studied the whole books.

The king gave her a book and asked her to go to another book city and find her books there. The king said that if you face any problem on the way, the book would help you.

Lailuma started her trip towards the new city. After a while, she faced a fire on her way and was not able to cross it. She opened the book. There was something written about the fire but the pages were torn. Lailuma collected the torn pages and read it and found the way to the new city but near to the city, she faced with a big stream. She opened the book again but couldn’t find the pages about the water. The book said that it has something about the water but someone has torn them and you think that the book doesn’t have it. The book said that your school books also had the answers for your exams, but as you have not covered them, the pages have been torn and you have not studied them and so that you failed in the exam.

When Lailuma opened her eyes, she saw that Suraya and Kamila are standing beside her. L Lailuma accepted her fault and promised to cover her books.