Pizza Making

   Written by: Hasamuddin Hamdard

Afghanistan is the second country people seeking refuge in other countries across the world. Some of these refugees have returned back to their country with good work experiences.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Naseer Ahmad, a resident of Ahmad Shah Baba meina, Kabul city who has returned with a good experience to Afghanistan.

Naseer Ahmad says:

One day, I wanted to buy a pizza for my family but I couldn’t find a shop of pizza in the whole area of Ahmad Shah Baba Meina. As I had learnt how to make pizza in England, I decided to open a pizza shop and hired 5 workers too.

I invested about 2 million and 700 thousand Afghanis in my shop. Our more customers are youths and families.

Peas Cleaning:

Feriba is another resident of Kabul city who cleans pea and sells them to shopkeepers.

Feriba says:

When we immigrated from Ghorband district of Kabul province, we faced many economic problems. We saw that our neighbors were bringing peas and after cleaning, they were selling them to the shopkeepers and were getting some money, we also started the same work.

We are 3 sisters and 6 brothers. My brothers work outside the house and we girls buy peas from the peas fryer shops. We separate the hard and small peas from the soft peas at home and after cleaning, we sell them to other shops in the market. We get 70-100 Afghanis benefit per 7 kilograms of cleaned peas and we also sell the small and hard peas at about 40-50 Afghanis per 7 kilograms.Our life is much better than before.