House Escape


Hadia and Parviz are the guests of Lalo Mama. Hadia is very sad. Lalo comes and after greeting, he takes them to the corridor of the castle.

Lalo Mama says that why Hadia seems sad?

Hadia says that Samira is her friend and last year, Samira’s father married her sister who was 16 years old to a man. The girl was not happy with that marriage. The groom’s family were beating her and she came back to his father’s house. Hadia adds that in these days, Samira’s father wants to marry Samira to a man and he beats her to accept the proposal.

Lalo Mama says that this is a forced marriage.

Parviz asks about forced marriage. Lalo Mama says that when a family wants a girl to marry someone that she doesn’t like him; exchange marriage and child marriage are the kinds of forced marriage and then he opens a window about it.


In the window, the reporter of the castle asks some youths about the right of marriage.

A girl, Marwa says: in our village, boys have the right to choose a girl for him but the girls don’t have such right. Another girl says that if a girl wants to choose a boy, her family call her a bad girl.

Another girl says that one-day we had gone to a party. My sister told me that my father wants to engage you with a boy. I did not accept. My mother, brother, and my uncles asked my father not to engage me but my father did not accept.

Lalo Mama closes the window and says that it is the job of youths to prevent forced marriages. Hadia asks that how could we prevent?

Lalo Mama opens another window.

In the window, a father wants to engage her daughter to a boy that the girl doesn’t know him. The girl’s mother says to her daughter that you should accept what your father says.

the girl shares the issue with her brother. Her brother asks a Mullah about forced marriage. Mullah says that Islam has banned on forced marriage. If one of each side, girl/boy has no favor to the engagement, that engagement is not allowed. The boy shares the issue with his father. His father cancels the engagement.

Lalo Mama closes this window too.