Suspicious Mouse

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there two mice, Soso and Momo living in a barn.

One-day, Soso, and Momo went out to find some foods. They found some meat and came back to their home. Soso ate her meat but Momo said that she is very tired and went to sleep.

When Momo waked up, she saw that her meat was eaten but Soso was asleep. Momo thought that Soso has eaten his meat but said nothing to her. She said with herself that if next time, Soso eat her portion, she would teach her a good lesson!

Momo went out to find something to eat. She found a piece of shortbread and when she wanted to take it, a cat saw Momo and attacked her but Momo took the shortbread and came back to the barn.

Momo ate some shortbread, left the remainder and went to sleep.  When she woke up in the morning, the shortbread was missing. Momo became angry and said to Soso that I am sure that you have eaten my meat and shortbread too. Soso rejected her saying but Momo quarreled with her and Soso left the barn.

Another day, Momo brought some cheese and put it on the surface of the barn. She laid down and closed her eyes to find the thief.

She saw that a mouse with her kitten came from the neighboring house. When the mouse wanted to eat the cheese, Momo captured her.

Momo was very sad for quarreling with Soso. She went to find her but she could not.

Momo visited a rabbit and asked her about Soso. The rabbit showed her Soso’s house. Momo asked her apology and they started to live together again.