Safid Pozak


    Written by: Asma Kakar

Once there were two rats, Safid Pozak and Punbae living with their parents in a cave.

One-day their parents advised them not to leave the cave. The parents went out to find something for eating.

Safid Pozak was peeping outside the cave. Punbae asked that what does she want? Safid Pozak said that she wants to go out. Punbae reminded her their parents’ advice but Safid Pazak did not accept and left the cave. Safid Pozak started to make a new cave on the ground. She had a short look outside the cave and saw in a garden a plate full of cookies. She went to eat the cookies but the gardener saw her and wanted to kill her. Safid Pozak ran away and continued to dig the cave.

After a while, Safid Pozak went out from the cave to find her house but she saw a fox near the cave. The fox chased her but Safid Pozak entered into a sprinkler which was full of water. The fox could not find Safid Pozak and left the place.  Safid Pozak came out from the sprinkler and was shivering in the cold weather.

Safid Pozak heard her mother voice saying her to go with her. Safid Pozak became happy and went home and soon she became sick and caught a cold.

At home, she saw that her brother, Punbae was eating peanuts and lettuce and she also wished to eat peanuts with her brother but her mother did not allow her to eat them because she was ill. Safid Pozak’s mother prepared a juice from some herbs and gave it Safid Pozak to drink. The juice was very bitter but she had to drink it. Safid Pozak promised that she would never go anywhere again without her parent’s permission.