Use of local Products

 Written by: Yama Rahi


Alliullah Husaini is the owner of a yarn(thread) and cotton weaving factory in Balkh province.

He says: we buy the cotton produces in Balkh. We pay money in advance to 70 farmers and they sell their cotton to us. If we face the shortage of cotton in Balkh, we purchase it from Helmand, Takhar, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces.

 We process the cotton in three stages: making fiber, paint it and at the last stage, we produce 12 kinds of cloths.

We have two types of customers: those who produce bandages and socks, they purchase our raw material and shopkeepers purchase yarn and cloths.

Malaysia and Singapore are also our customers. We have hired 45 workers and most of them are women.

Turkish Style Heaters:

Quality, delicacy, price, and some other points are the things that every customer thinks about them before purchasing an item. Those people, who would apply these points to their products, they would be more successful.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to Faridullah Ramaki, who produces Turkish style heaters.

Ramaki says:

We produce different varieties of homemade and Turkish standard heaters.

At the beginning, we invited 3 Turkish engineers to train our employees. They trained the employees in cutting, designing, painting and mixing the paints for one year.

The expenses of each engineer reached to one million and 200 thousand Afghanis.

We have hired workers who had enough experience in iron works.

We were selling our products in installments but later we attracted people’s attention to them and now our customers pay us in advance