Hard Working During Pregnancy

Written by: Wahida Sabir

Due to various reasons, pregnant women in Afghanistan face the variety of problems. One of these problems is hard working during pregnancy.

Regarding this issue, writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and gynecologists in some maternity hospitals in Kabul city.

A woman, resident of Farza district of Kabul province says: I lifted a flour sack and felt a pain in my back. When doctor visited me, she said that my baby was displaced from my womb.

A woman, resident of Kabul city says: I was pregnant and there was no one to help me with house chores. I lifted a bucket full of water and faced bleeding.

Doctor   Savita, a gynecologist in one the private hospitals in Kabul city says:

If pregnant women do hardworking they might face many health problems as waist pain, asthenia, anemia, high blood pressure, loss of energy and much more problems.

The babies of such mothers might grow malnutrition or the mothers might abort their babies. Most of these problems occur during the first months of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women found a solution to these problems.

Noor Jahan, a resident of Paghman District of Kabul province says:

One day I wash clothes and the other day I clean house and so I do all the works according to the timetable I have made for myself and I have not faced any problem yet.

The doctor also says that timetable for work helps pregnant women not to face health problems and advises pregnant women to visit their doctor regularly and avoid continuous hard working.