the Girls’ Right to Express Their Views on family Affairs

Meena and Muhib are the guests of Lalo Mama. They see Lalo Mama sitting under the sun. Meena and Muheb go near and greet him. Lalo Mama takes them into the corridor of the castle.

 Meena seems angry and Lalo asks the reason. Muheb says that last day I went with my father to the market. We bought a pair of shoes to Meena but she did not like them. Lalo Mama asks the reason.

Meena says that her father did not ask about the color of the shoes and they have bought me a pair of shoes that I don’t like.

Muheb says that there is no need to ask girl’s opinion and whatever her father brings, she has to use it.

Lalo Mama refuses his opinion and says that girls have the same right to choose anything for themselves and he opens a window for their more information.


in the window, the castle’s reporter says that most of Afghan families’ members share their points of view with each other but in some families, the elders of the family don’t want to hear what girls say.

The reporter talks with some girls regarding this issue.

Humaira says: My father doesn’t listen to my opinion. Once he wanted to paint our living room. I suggested him to bring a bright color but he did not accept my wish and brought a dark color. Now room looks dark and he is regretted that why he did not hear my suggestion.

But some people prefer to share some issues with girls. Gulsoom is a resident of Kabul city. She says that her father and brother always count on her opinions.

Zulaikha, another resident of Kabul city says that her father always asks her about all affairs related to the house. Lately, He asked me to choose a girl to engage my brother with her.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Moheb accepts that every girl has the right to express her opinion on family affairs.