Stomach Ulcer


 written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

The main task of the stomach is to digest the food. sometimes stomach faces ulcer due to various reasons, if not treated, it could create serious problems.

According to the information provided by the authority of Jamhoriat Hospital in Kabul city, about (25-30) patients of stomach ulcer refer only to that hospital every day.

The writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and a physician about stomach ulcer.

Yahya, a resident of Badakhshan province says: I have a stomach ulcer. When I eat indigestible foods, I face more troubles.

Khalida, a resident of Takhar province says:

when I eat spicy foods or get hungry, my stomach pain increases and during the night, I could not go to sleep and I vomit what I have eaten.

Doctor Habibgul Aaryobi, an internist in Jamhoriat Hospital says:

Stomach ulcer has various symptoms as heartburn, chest pain, sore throat, returning of solids and fluids to the mouth from the stomach and change of the voice, if not treated on time, it could cause the inflammation and perforation of the stomach, bleeding, blood vomiting, and even cancer.


Jahanzaib, a resident of Kunduz province says: empty stomach, eating unwashed vegetables and fried foods cause stomach ulcer.

Doctor Aaryobi says that different factors could cause stomach ulcer as, eating too hot, spicy, fried and fatty foods, dried meat, fried onion, Kabab, coffee, dark black tea and cold drinks.


Nazia, a resident of Mazar-e-Sharif says: fleawort seeds, mint, buckthorn, and aniseeds are useful for the stomach ulcer.

Doctor Aaryobi says that home remedy helps for a short time but the patient should be treated by a physician.