Mobile Cook

   Written by Hasamuddin Hamdard

Considering the necessities of people in economic works leads to more profit.

Nasir Khan, a resident of Kabul city, has started to cook rice about 15 years back.

He says to the writer/producer AEPO:

When I was a migrant in one of our neighboring countries, I started work as a cook. While I came back to Afghanistan, I started to cook rice in Kandahar province as a mobile cook and then I shifted to Kabul city. Here in Kabul, I continued to cook rice near to Pul-e-charkhi industrial area.

My family helps me by cooking beans and Qorma(pot roast) at home and I cook rice. The price of Each dish is 20-30-40 and 50 Afghanis. I spend about 1000 Afghanis per day and get 200-300 Afghanis benefit from them. my most customers are the factories’ workers, drivers, and ordinary people.

A Small Greenhouse:

Nahida, a resident of Kabul city has built a small greenhouse at her home yard and get the benefit of it. She says:

At the beginning, we were living in a very low economic condition. Recently I built a small greenhouse in my home yard and I cultivate any kind of vegetables.

During the winter, I grow seedlings and sell them at the beginning of spring. Besides that, I grow every kind of vegetables in four seasons of the year. I have bought a cupboard; a television and other home appliances and I have almost solved my all economic problems. Our more customers are neighbors and farmers.