Public Administration

Written by: Mohammad Anwar Andar

Sami and Shafiqa are in the yard of the castle. Shafiqa complains of her foot pain. Lalo Mama arrives and welcomes his guests and takes them to the corridor of the castle. Shafiqa could not walk well. Lalo Mama asks the reason. Shafiqa says that when they were coming to the castle, there was a crowd in front of a government office and one of the men, kicked my foot.

Lalo Mama says that many problems would be solved if people obey Administrative Law.

Shafiqa says that she doesn’t know about the administrative law.

Lalo opens a window for their information.


 In the window, the reporter of the castle asks some youths that if someone has wandered while getting a passport or other official documents? Many youths say yes to her question.

She asks then that if someone knows about the administrative law?

A girl says that the administrative law provides public services for people.

Abdullah Kakar Nessari says:

 Public administration is the total administrative structure of the state and public departments which job is to provide public services and secure public order in accordance with the laws of the country.

Public administration is a branch of administrative law and is referred to as a set of legal rules that determine the rights and duties of government administrative agencies and their relationships with the citizens.

The task of the public administration is to provide people with better living conditions so that they could achieve their full calmness and intellectual concentration.

If laws and regulations are to be considered, there would never be a breach of the law.

Lalo Mama closes the window.