The problems of Children in Custody

Sometimes children and teenagers also violate the law and commit crimes as some adults do. In Afghan constitution, those, who are under 18s, are called children. If they commit a crime, related organs send them to the bridewell. Some of these children might face psychological problems after they face police, judge and other investigators. Writer/producer has talked to some children, their parents and a psychiatrist about this problem.

Karima, mother of Abdullah says: my son is in bridewell. The bridewell authorities have shifted him to another room and he feels alone and suffers from the psychological problem.

Shabir Ahmad, a resident of Logar province, who has recently released from bridewell says: I was afraid of security forces in the police station. I was shivering in court during an investigation and in had no sleep during my stay in bridewell.

Doctor Nik Mohammad Wahidi, a psychiatrist in one the private hospitals in Kabul city says:

Court environment could lead children to serious mental problems. They might face anxiety, insomnia depression, heart-beating, fever and fear, and they might grow up with hatred.

Mir Fayazuddin Amini, the director of the bridewell in Kabul city says: The abandonment of human freedom brings a series of problems. The children who have psychological problems, we have hired some psychologists in bridewell. They consult them and ask their problems time by time. We show them some educational films which explain the laws and regulations of the government of Afghanistan. Besides these facilities, we have courses in tailoring, carpet weaving, and sports and they are learning in these courses too.