Photographer Girl

Farhad and Sultana are the guests of Lalo Mama. They see that Lalo Mama is taking pictures in the yard. Farhad and Sultana congrats him for his new skill. Lalo Mama greats his guests and after taking their pictures, he lets them to the corridor of the castle.

In the corridor, Farhad asks Lalo Mama that why he wants to learn photography. Lalo Mama says that he wants to test his ability if he could take pictures or not. Lalo Mama says that he knows a girl, Farzana who is a professional photographer and he opens a window about Farzana for the information of his guests.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says: Farzana is 19 years old and she is the first-class student of Kabul Teacher Training Institute. Poverty and support of her mother encouraged her to learn a profession. She started to learn photography with a film production company of her friends. She practiced vocational training for five months.

the reporter asks her how does she arrange her study and learning a profession
Farzana says: as most of the weddings and other ceremonies are held during the night, I could continue my education during the day and at dusk, I practice photography and some exercises.

The reporter asks her that what are more important in photography. She says: Lighting, choosing high-quality camera and position for photography are the things that need to be considered in photography.

While the reporter asks her about her income, she says that at the beginning, she had two thousand Afghanis salary but now she gets 1000 Afghanis from each occasion or ceremony and about 6-10 ceremonies are held every month and she succeeded to solve her economic problems.
Farzana has a plan to have her own film and photography production and wants to teach professional photography to other girls in order to be self-sufficient. Lalo Mama closes the window.