Blood Cholesterol

   Written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

Many Afghans face health problem during their life. One of these problems is blood cholesterol.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and a physician about blood cholesterol.

Imamuddin, a resident of Kabul city says: my blood cholesterol raised up to 325 mg. I was dizzy and had weariness and feeling burning in my feet’s soles.

Doctor Hasibullah Najeeb, an internist in one of the private hospitals in Kabul city says:

When high blood cholesterol patients come to the hospital, most of them suffer from dizziness, fatigue, and drowsiness.

High blood cholesterol has different factors. The first one is a genetic factor and the second factor includes some certain diseases in which blood cholesterol increases. Diabetes, thyroid gland hypothyroidism, overweight, using fatty foods and smoking might cause the increase of blood cholesterol.

How to reduce blood cholesterol?

Badruddin, a resident of Badakhshan province says that mustard and Linseed Oils are used for the control of blood cholesterol.

Doctor Najeeb says: diet is very useful for blood cholesterol. Eating citrus, walnut, soybeans protein, garlic and vegetables help to reduce blood cholesterol. Replacing ghee with the oil of mustard, linseed, and corn is also beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol.